Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Birthday Card

(1) Nowadays in Malaysia, most youngster and teenager will have a party like birthday celebration. But there are still people who like to celebrate their birthday in a form of family dinner or reunion.
For Chinese, they think that 1year old and 21 year old birthday is the most important birthday in their entire life; because 1-year-old is the first step from baby into this world, where 21years old is the years towards adulthood. Normally, during a traditional Chinese birthday celebration, black colour cloths are not encouraged because it is an unlucky colour for them. In contrary, red colour is the best colour for the birthday host. There are many form of birthday present in Chinese tradition. But the most unique present from other ethnic is red packet “ang pao”. Also can be use as a birthday present.

In our country, birthday party celebration may be varying from different ethnic and race to religion. For taoism, they may pray or make wish to their deity during their birthday celebration. But for Christian, they will make prayer and thanks giving during their birthday. For sure, foods and drinks in a different ethnic birthday celebration may be different too. For example, Malays will have rendang, kuih-muih, and sirap. Indians will have cookies and curry. And Chinese will have their cuisine and maybe liquor or beer for adult. Yet, all in all… although these differences, there is still one thing that everyone will have in their birthday celebration, which is a birthday cake.

(2) In Malaysia, most of the people will celebrate their birthday with their friends, family, lover... Normally, foods and drinks will be serving for the celebration. And of course, the celebration can't be complete without a birthday cake. The candles that represent the age of the person who birthday is celebrated will be lighted up on the cake. After everybody sang the birthday song, the lights will be blown after the one who birthday is celebrated made a wish.

The culture I have chosen is Chinese. I have replaced the electronic guitar to a Pipa(Chinese Lute). This plucking instrument has been played for about 2000 years in Chinese. I think it is a carries a symbolic meaning to Chinese culture. I choose gold series color for my birthday card because gold represents fortune and prosperity. Gold is also one of the favourite color in Chinese culture.


This is the photo of Pipa.
Below are the links I had visited for my research.


A radial gradient was used as the background.
I had found some fills with patterns. Gradient was used to show the depth of the fingers board.
Gradient was used to create a texture of wooden board.

Final Work

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