Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tutorial of Wall Painting

Before painting the wall, choose a theme. Google it and look for inspiration. I choose my theme as haunted castle. Other than that, color mood is very important, too!!! I wanted my room to looks cool, cute, and SPOoooOoooKYYYY~ 

I used Photoshop and drew a simple version of my dream castle. For those who's not familiar with the software can just draw on a paper. Remember to choose your color wisely if you want to save cost for the paint. TIP: Avoid using to many elements in a single composition or else it could end up messy. For example, I choose castle, tombstones, spooky tree, ghost, rail, and moon. I've considered pumpkins, bats, zombies, and stars, but that would be too much. So filter the unnecessary element(s) and proceed.

Prepare tools for the painting. The basic stuff would be: 
  • Paint brush(big for painting, small for drawing)
  • Roller
  • Tray
  • Rod(as roller extention)
  • Sponge(for blending)
Next would be the color. Plan wisely, buy big portion of paint if that color is going to cover big area of the wall. For small area like the windows, I used acrylic paint with colors of yellow and red. For the background, I used 1 liter black, 1 liter blue, and around 1 liter leftover white. Mix the colors into different tones of blues.

Finally we can start the painting. Just before you paint, use pencil to draw your design on the wall so you will where to paint and where to avoid. To paint the gradient background, divide the wall into 3 to 5 sections, depend on how many colors you've prepared. The more colors the easier to blend later. Paint the wall fully with roller. Overlay the colors where 2 colors meet.

There you go, this is how it looks after the painting. 

Use the sponge to blend the colors to create the soft gradient look. There are many ways to blend the colors. You can blend it before the paint goes dry. If the paint goes dry before you can blend, spray some water on it and blend. Or in my case, I used the leftover paint, added some plain water to lower the opacity and blend. 

Now is the detail part. Use pencil to redraw the design if the paint had cover the mark. Then use small painting brush to draw the outline with black paint. Then fill the empty spaces with big paint brush of roller.

Last but not the least, take some photos with your work and do be shy to share it!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Project 2: Exhibition Design(Phase 2)

This is phase 2 of project 2. I went to IoI mall to take some photos for this project. There 2 areas that I can take my photos are the foyers of the old wing and the new wing.

This is the foyer of the old wing. As you can see, this area is too crowded. There is no place for me to place my exhibition booth.

This area is crowded, too. But it is at least better than last one. I tried to find an area which is empty so that will be easier to place the exhibition booth. But I found that it is almost impossible for me to find it since I can only visit the shopping malls during the weekend. And these areas were always fill with exhibition booth.

Then I found something special. The stage area could be a great spot for me to place my exhibition booth.

Well, I don't know how the others did but I must admit that this is an epic fail. The people are distorted and you can find that there are a lot of things come our beneath the booth. And the bags display behind it also looks unnatural. By the way, this is an image plane that I place in Maya and rendered directly. I thought this is a good idea.

Top view of the exhibition booth. Rendered in Maya

Facade view of the exhibition booth. Rendered in Maya

Perspective view of the exhibition booth. Rendered in Maya. This is the final rendered image. Before this I've rendered dozens of images to fit in the environment.

Ta-dah~This is the final artwork of my exhibition design. I've cut some part of the pillar and the human and cover the parts of the exhibition booth to make it more realistic(although I know it still look fake, haha!). Anyway, this might be the best I can do.

Project 1: Primary Directory Sign design

DIRECTORY SIGN represents an ENVIRONMENT with signage and way-finding system and is part of a big signage system for an environment; parks and buildings especially. Usually, design is based on the overall looks and concept of the environment; house colors, logo, existing elements, or business associated with the environment. (from the brief)

We have to design and make a PRIMARY DIRECTORY SIGN in this project. This sign can be design for a park of a company. It will be a standing monumental structure. The sign can be place inside or outside of the building, and also at the entrance of the park.

The place that I've chose for this project is Alamanda shopping mall in Putrajaya. Below is the map of Alamanda ground floor. A cyan star mark indicate the spot that I will place the directory sign.

The sketches drawn by free hand.
Sketches 1 & 2

Sketches 3 & 4

Sketches 5 & 6

Sketches 7 & 8

Technical Drawing
This is a technique that I've learn in this class. It is called technical drawing. 3 views are require to draw, there are top view, side view, and front view. In this drawing, everything has to be precise. That is why we need so many tools. The tools needed for this kind of drawing is T-square, pencil, eraser, ruler, and paper. You would also need a drawing board if you don't have a suitable table to draw.

This is the image to print before paste on the modelling board.

The Final Model
Final Artwork: Back View

Final Artwork: Front View

Final Artwork: Another Front View

As you can see, there is some white space between the corners of my final model. I've learn that there is a cutting technique to prevent this. Our lecturer Mr. Zul has demonstrated the cutting technique. First you need to cut a line beside the actual cutting line. Then hold the cutter tilt and cut the line. Of course you would need a steel ruler in this process. With a slanted edge, the model board could be glue with a flawless corner. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to learn this technique. This technique require crafty skill and most importantly, time to practice. Let's hope I can do better for my next model.

The Box

Other than the final model, we have to make a box by ourselves. It is harder to make than it looks. The reason is because the material is thick and the measurement might gone in place when you fold it. We should protect our artwork nicely and the protection itself also need to be presentable. So patient is require to make this box.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Venice vs Water Seven

Here I would like introduce you a manga (Japanese Comic) called "One Piece". The story is about a boy(or a man?) name Luffy who wants to become "Pirate King". In order to do that, he must find the treasure that left by the 1st pirate king, Gold. D. Roger. In his journey, he has a wonderful adventure with his crew.

The reason I introduce this manga in this blog is because of the background setting of the story. The author Oda Eiichiro is capable to create a fantasy world by taking what is in the reality then exaggerate it and create a new world. The real life and fictional city that I will choose are Venice in Italy and Water Seven. The most distinctive similarity in both city are their characteristic. Water 7 is a fictional city that created by Oda inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of Venice.

Water 7


Both of them share a lot of similarity :

Geology : Both of the city contains large amount of river and canal flow through them. Making them appear like the city is floating on the sea.

Venice Market

Water 7 Market

Architecture : In both cities, the building is build on piling under the water. Building of concrete and bricks are actually constructed on top of the piling.

Disaster : Both Venice and Water 7 share a common proble
m, both of them are sinking by rising sea water. Furthermore, once a year there will be a high tide period call as Acqua alta in Venice, and also Aqua Laguna in Water 7.

Acqua alta

Aqua Laguna

Economy : They are maritime city, where major economy is based on sea trading and commerce.

Transport : The main transport to move inside the city is of course by boats. While Venitian travel by real life small boat. Water 7 inhabitants travel by a boat that pull by a creature call bull

Boat in Venice

Boat in Water 7

Above are the main similarities between these 2 real life and fictional cities. Both cities are unique in our real world and also in the world of one piece. It is really great to see a beautiful and romantic city like Venice can even inspire a manga artist to include it in his drawing.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza, is consider the oldest and also largest Pyramids in the world. And it is also the oldest of The 7 wonders of the ancient world.

It is believe that this pyramid is build as the tomb for fourth dynasty Egyptian pharaoh of Khufu. The pyramid is build by lime stone. The whole pyramid itself estimated about 2.3million limestone blocks.

To build this structure alone require tremendous workforce, time, and also engineering. Historian claim that most builder are actually peasants and also farmer. They shift their work to building the pyramid during the flooding of Niles river into their farm and crops. It is predicted that to build this structure, Egyptians use about 14-20 years of construction.

It is undeniable that the pyramid is one of the greatest building that human build because try to imagine during that time, they don't have any crane, machine and even proper transport to cut and transport the stone that some weight up to tonnes. Thus, in among the 7 wonders of ancient world. Pyramid is the last one standing on the earth until today.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Feng Shui 2

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As for me, I do think that its hilarious to believe in such crap. I do not believe that the colors, decoration, and the arrangement of the house can change your 'luck' or even 'destiny'. I do understand that a good arrangement in the house would be a comfortable place to live.

In fact, what I believe Feng Shui is actually an art, architecture that the ancient Chinese used to build those magnificent building. For example, t
he Forbidden City. Which is the palace of the royal family of dynasty Ming and Ching. Is is built in Ming dynasty, after the dynasty is fallen into the Ching, the palace fell into their hands naturally.

The front view of the palace. Well you can see this view from a lot of movies and Hong Kong dramas. Most of the filming production took their shots here, and here only. Because the rental for this part for filming is huge. And the inner part of the palace is not available for rental.

The gold utensils you can see is originally made of gold. After the army of 8 countries broke in, the soldiers tried to move it but failed, because its too heave. So they scratched the gold and leave them there. Afterwards, the repair works color them back. The purpose is to store water to put out the fire if it happens.

Looks familiar? Its the sundial. It's located near near the entrance of the Forbidden City.

This is "Zheng Da Guang Ming Dian". This is the place where the emperor and his minister hled meeting every morning. The plaque is written "Zheng Da Guang Ming" in mandarin. It means honest and bright.

The carved creatures on the roof top is not just for decoration purpose, it has the function of fire prevention and water prevention(flood). The total of the is nine but if the space it not enough, they would be place by the priority. They are dragon, phoenix, lion, Tian Ma, seahorse, Suan Ni, Jia Yu, Xie Zhi,bull, Xing Shen.

This thing looks grand but its only the ceiling of a gloriette in the Royal Garden.

Quite sentimental, right? Its inside the Royal Garden of the palace. The river like drain on the floor is man-made decoration. Just like the last post mention, water in Feng Shui resemble fortune. Just wondering how much fortune the emperor is after actually?

One of the building of the palace. I don't have the exact information about it. I upload it anyway because it is a really nice building.

'Yang Xin Dian' - This is where the emperor lived. The plaque is written in both mandarin and Man-chu language. I have to say that the fence do spoiled the view but that is serve as protection purpose. If without it, the view we can see now might be worse.

The calculation of the pillars and stairs, the position of the windows and exits, all of them is art. I have a chance to been there and the building itself is magnificent. There is a mountain behind the palace. You can view the whole palace plan from the top of it. What can I say about it? I was totally speechless!