Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Project 1: Primary Directory Sign design

DIRECTORY SIGN represents an ENVIRONMENT with signage and way-finding system and is part of a big signage system for an environment; parks and buildings especially. Usually, design is based on the overall looks and concept of the environment; house colors, logo, existing elements, or business associated with the environment. (from the brief)

We have to design and make a PRIMARY DIRECTORY SIGN in this project. This sign can be design for a park of a company. It will be a standing monumental structure. The sign can be place inside or outside of the building, and also at the entrance of the park.

The place that I've chose for this project is Alamanda shopping mall in Putrajaya. Below is the map of Alamanda ground floor. A cyan star mark indicate the spot that I will place the directory sign.

The sketches drawn by free hand.
Sketches 1 & 2

Sketches 3 & 4

Sketches 5 & 6

Sketches 7 & 8

Technical Drawing
This is a technique that I've learn in this class. It is called technical drawing. 3 views are require to draw, there are top view, side view, and front view. In this drawing, everything has to be precise. That is why we need so many tools. The tools needed for this kind of drawing is T-square, pencil, eraser, ruler, and paper. You would also need a drawing board if you don't have a suitable table to draw.

This is the image to print before paste on the modelling board.

The Final Model
Final Artwork: Back View

Final Artwork: Front View

Final Artwork: Another Front View

As you can see, there is some white space between the corners of my final model. I've learn that there is a cutting technique to prevent this. Our lecturer Mr. Zul has demonstrated the cutting technique. First you need to cut a line beside the actual cutting line. Then hold the cutter tilt and cut the line. Of course you would need a steel ruler in this process. With a slanted edge, the model board could be glue with a flawless corner. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to learn this technique. This technique require crafty skill and most importantly, time to practice. Let's hope I can do better for my next model.

The Box

Other than the final model, we have to make a box by ourselves. It is harder to make than it looks. The reason is because the material is thick and the measurement might gone in place when you fold it. We should protect our artwork nicely and the protection itself also need to be presentable. So patient is require to make this box.

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