Thursday, March 31, 2011

Venice vs Water Seven

Here I would like introduce you a manga (Japanese Comic) called "One Piece". The story is about a boy(or a man?) name Luffy who wants to become "Pirate King". In order to do that, he must find the treasure that left by the 1st pirate king, Gold. D. Roger. In his journey, he has a wonderful adventure with his crew.

The reason I introduce this manga in this blog is because of the background setting of the story. The author Oda Eiichiro is capable to create a fantasy world by taking what is in the reality then exaggerate it and create a new world. The real life and fictional city that I will choose are Venice in Italy and Water Seven. The most distinctive similarity in both city are their characteristic. Water 7 is a fictional city that created by Oda inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of Venice.

Water 7


Both of them share a lot of similarity :

Geology : Both of the city contains large amount of river and canal flow through them. Making them appear like the city is floating on the sea.

Venice Market

Water 7 Market

Architecture : In both cities, the building is build on piling under the water. Building of concrete and bricks are actually constructed on top of the piling.

Disaster : Both Venice and Water 7 share a common proble
m, both of them are sinking by rising sea water. Furthermore, once a year there will be a high tide period call as Acqua alta in Venice, and also Aqua Laguna in Water 7.

Acqua alta

Aqua Laguna

Economy : They are maritime city, where major economy is based on sea trading and commerce.

Transport : The main transport to move inside the city is of course by boats. While Venitian travel by real life small boat. Water 7 inhabitants travel by a boat that pull by a creature call bull

Boat in Venice

Boat in Water 7

Above are the main similarities between these 2 real life and fictional cities. Both cities are unique in our real world and also in the world of one piece. It is really great to see a beautiful and romantic city like Venice can even inspire a manga artist to include it in his drawing.

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