Monday, March 21, 2011

Feng Shui 2

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As for me, I do think that its hilarious to believe in such crap. I do not believe that the colors, decoration, and the arrangement of the house can change your 'luck' or even 'destiny'. I do understand that a good arrangement in the house would be a comfortable place to live.

In fact, what I believe Feng Shui is actually an art, architecture that the ancient Chinese used to build those magnificent building. For example, t
he Forbidden City. Which is the palace of the royal family of dynasty Ming and Ching. Is is built in Ming dynasty, after the dynasty is fallen into the Ching, the palace fell into their hands naturally.

The front view of the palace. Well you can see this view from a lot of movies and Hong Kong dramas. Most of the filming production took their shots here, and here only. Because the rental for this part for filming is huge. And the inner part of the palace is not available for rental.

The gold utensils you can see is originally made of gold. After the army of 8 countries broke in, the soldiers tried to move it but failed, because its too heave. So they scratched the gold and leave them there. Afterwards, the repair works color them back. The purpose is to store water to put out the fire if it happens.

Looks familiar? Its the sundial. It's located near near the entrance of the Forbidden City.

This is "Zheng Da Guang Ming Dian". This is the place where the emperor and his minister hled meeting every morning. The plaque is written "Zheng Da Guang Ming" in mandarin. It means honest and bright.

The carved creatures on the roof top is not just for decoration purpose, it has the function of fire prevention and water prevention(flood). The total of the is nine but if the space it not enough, they would be place by the priority. They are dragon, phoenix, lion, Tian Ma, seahorse, Suan Ni, Jia Yu, Xie Zhi,bull, Xing Shen.

This thing looks grand but its only the ceiling of a gloriette in the Royal Garden.

Quite sentimental, right? Its inside the Royal Garden of the palace. The river like drain on the floor is man-made decoration. Just like the last post mention, water in Feng Shui resemble fortune. Just wondering how much fortune the emperor is after actually?

One of the building of the palace. I don't have the exact information about it. I upload it anyway because it is a really nice building.

'Yang Xin Dian' - This is where the emperor lived. The plaque is written in both mandarin and Man-chu language. I have to say that the fence do spoiled the view but that is serve as protection purpose. If without it, the view we can see now might be worse.

The calculation of the pillars and stairs, the position of the windows and exits, all of them is art. I have a chance to been there and the building itself is magnificent. There is a mountain behind the palace. You can view the whole palace plan from the top of it. What can I say about it? I was totally speechless!

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