Thursday, September 16, 2010

Design description

In order to show the relation between creative multimedia and advertisements, we have decided to come out with poster. The style that we are going to use is collage and grunge looking.

We found some pictures from the Internet, for example, posters, computer, highway, buildings and so on. We modified them using Adobe Photoshop to turn them into black and white. We cutout the parts that are needed and combined them into one pieces.

Poster-A3/A2 size

Description for the elements used:
Mouse- an important tool in creating an advertisement

Computer- Without a computer, we will not be able to create those creative advertisements

Builidings- represent cities that can't escape from the influences of advertisements.

Posters- the poster that we used are HOPE-Obama during his election for becoming the President of United States, AVATAR- movie by James Cameron, MILO-a famous drink in Malaysia. The varieties of posters show that advertisements have their own value in different field.

Highway-represent the billboards where we can find them along the highway.

Newspaper cutout-represent the advertisement can be found in newspaper as well.

Color studies
Black and white VS Colored

The main objects are turned into black and white, while the background remains colored. This is because we want to show contrast and represent that advertisements are changing from black and white to color as well.

Pictures taken from:

Brushes from:

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