Friday, December 10, 2010

MPW2133 Malaysian Studies

Masuri Proposal

We should start our preparation of the coming presentation of this subject. So I prepared a proposal for this assignment. Everything I mention here are just suggestions, so if there are any suggestions we will bring it to the discussion after we came back to school.

Temporary Post

1. Director – Charlotte

2. Script Writer – Ammar

· Short script for the 5-10 mins presentation (another 5 mins for set up).

· Including simple dialogue and narration.

3. Stage Director – Jen

· Including props. (Weapons…)

· Background – we might not need it but here is a suggestion that we can put photos of the background on the screen using OHP. Well is a cheap, easy, and efficient way.

4. Sound & Music - Swee Ying

. Sound effects.

· Music.

· Ambient.

5. Costume & Make up - ??

· We need some Malay clothes for the important character. (baju kebaya, scarf, and so on)

Characters – Please volunteer of recommend the others.

1. Masuri

2. Masuri’ husband

3. Father in law

4. Mother in law (optional)

5. The musician

6. Executer

7. Soldiers (optional)

8. Servants (optional)

Everybody should help if we are going to make the props by ourselves. Those who are not acting are going to help for the setting of the stage. We MUST have a full run through and everyone must clear about the whole run through to avoid chaos or confusion during the performance.

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