Thursday, March 19, 2009

The festival I choose is Labour Day which fall on 1st of May.

The layout of this calendar is simple. With a round object in the middle of the image and object that place randomly as the background. The another part is days of the month. The days are place at the left side and the month and year are place at the lower part of right side.

Calendar of May.
The concept of calendar I design is to place some symbols that represent some profession randomly as the background. The I place a sun in the middle of the image that represent the whole day is a holiday and they can have some rest in that day.

The sketch I drew.

I have search some pictures as my reference for drawing. All the pictures are from .

I used some tools that is not teach in tutorial. Which is Eraser Tool. It delete the part we don't want in a shape. The I used Direct Selection Tool to adjust to the shape I want.

These are the technique that i learn tutorial class. Create some shape with different types of transparency. Then place them together and have the result.

I have tried different types of transparency on the sun. This is the outcome.

This is my final work.

The reference I used is I used this website to search for different kinds of professions to help me in drawing.


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