Monday, March 9, 2009

Redesigned Logo

The logo I choose to redesign is Nando's.

I used 4 color to design this logo. Which is brown, Red, Yellow and Green.

Brown = Roasted Chicken
Red = Chili
Yellow = Garlic
Green = Herb
At the same time, these 4 color also represent the level of spicyness of Nando's flavour.

I changed the live chicken, which is from the original logo to a roasted chicken because I think that a roasted chicken can stimulate the customers' appetite.
The circle lines represent a plate that also gives the meaning that the chicken is dish out. The peppermint leaf and Nando's logo show the level of spicyness of Nando's flavor.
The lines of the logo are more like pencil and charcoal mark. And the font of Nando's is handwriting. These is because I want to makes people feel friendly rather than formal.

This is the link of Nando's website in Malaysia.

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